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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

'10 Gales Prize' Ceremony Awards- Sunday 3rd April 2011.

You are cordially invited to Ceremony Award of the '10 Gales Prize' this Sunday 3rd April from 19:00 to 22:00, where the winner of the solo show at 10 Gales Gallery and the 'Public's Choice Award' will be announced.

’10 Gales Prize 2011’ is an art competition dedicated to recent graduates and art students in their final year of their Ba and Ma. 

Curated by iceberg Fernandez. Assistant curator: Alvaro Acero.

Selection panel:

Sal Anderson-  Reader in Interdisciplinary Science Art Film at the University of the Arts London.
*Graham Evans- Artist and Senior Lecturer at University of Westminster.

*iceberg Fernandez- Film & Video artist,  curator of ‘10 Gales Prize’
*Tessa Peters- Independent Curator and Senior Lecturer, School of Media Arts & Design, University of Westminster.
*Paula Roush- Artist, independent curator and visiting art lecturer at LSB University and University of Westminster.

Members of the Jury: Paula Roush, Sal Anderson and Tessa Peters.

Members of the Jury: Sal Anderson, Graham Evans, Tessa Peters and iceberg Fernandez.

After a very long deliberation of the jury, due to the high standards of the work exhibited, this is the list of the candidates that have been shortlisted to the final:

1st Group Show:

Sarah L├╝demann ‘I win’ (Video Art).

2nd Group Show:

*Patrick Misfud 'Intervention with the columns' (Installation).

*James Brown ‘Ineffable’ (Photography).

3rd Group Show:

Keke Vila-belda ‘A40 N.Roundabout 18:00h-06:00h (London)'. (Painting).

'10 Gales Prize' Ceremony Award Program:

19:15- Claire Gosling 'Postcard Balloon' Performance.

20:00- 'YUKA'- Japanese acoustic singer.

21:00- '10 Gales Prize' Awards announcement.

21:30- 'Nit Nurse' will delight us with his hilarious performance.

And the winner of the 10 Gales Art Prize 2011 is:

 James Brown Ineffable (2011)

10 Gales Art Prize 2011 James Brown Ineffable (2011)

James Brown receiving the 10 Gales Prize from curator iceberg Fernandez.

James Brown with Graham Evans and iceberg Fernandez.

And the winner of the Public's Choice Award 2011 is:

 Claire Gosling Postcard Balloon (2011)

Claire Gosling Postcard Balloon Installation.

Claire Gosling receiving the Public's Choice Award from 10 Gales co-founder JJ Rousku.

Claire Gosling Postcard Balloon performance at 10 Gales Prize Award Ceremony.

Claire Gosling Postcard Balloon performance at 10 Gales Prize Award Ceremony. 

10 Gales Gallery
Railway Arch 10,
Gales Gardens Mews



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