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Thursday, 24 February 2011

‘10 Gales Prize 2011’- From 8th  to 27th March 2011

Curated by: iceberg Fernandez.
Assistant curator: Alvaro Acero.

10 Gales Gallery with the aim of supporting and promoting art students and emerging artists, is delighted to announce the opening of ’10 Gales Prize 2011’, an art competition dedicated to recent graduates and students in their final year of their Ba and Ma.

Over the course of  three consecutive weeks, from 8th to 27th March 2011, our white gallery space will be articulated with three group shows featuring the newest talents from the best art universities in the UK.

Having received over 200 hundred submissions and after a very long consideration, 40 emerging artists from very different backgrounds and practices, will be competing in this edition of the ’10 Gales Prize’, for the final award of a solo show at 10 Gales Gallery.

During the Private Views of each group show the public will have the chance to vote for their favourite artworks. Taking into account the public’s choice, the selection panel will decide by consensus which artists deserve to be submitted to the final.

The ’10 Gales Prize Award Ceremony’ will be held on Sunday 3rd April 2011, from 19:00 to 22:00 Hrs, in which the finalists and the winner of the ’10 Gales Prize’ will be announced.

*SELECTION PANEL (in alphabetical order):

*Sal Anderson- Film artist and Senior lecturer at LCC (University of the Arts).
*Graham Evans- Artist and Senior Lecturer at University of Westminster.
*iceberg Fernandez- Film & Video artist,  curator of ‘10 Gales Prize’
*Tessa Peters- Independent Curator and Senior Lecturer, School of Media Arts & Design, University of Westminster.
*Paula Roush- Artist, independent curator and visiting art lecturer at LSB University and University of Westminster.

10 Gales Gallery
Railway Arch 10,
Gales Gardens Mews

10 Gales Prize’ First Group Show- 8th to 13th March 2011.

Private View- Friday 11th March. 19:00-22:00.

*Selected Artists in alphabetical order:

*Lars Bjerre ‘Deconstruction of Pleasure’ (Painting).

*John Patrick Egan ‘It was a Graveyard Smash’ (Sculpture).

*Rosina Godwin ‘Mama I’ (Sculpture).

*Clare Gosling ‘Postcard Balloon’ (installation)

*Victoria Hawkins 'Confined Dislocation I’ (Mixed Media)

*Kieran Jessel 'Untitled: Fence" (Photography).

*Sarah Lüdemann ‘I win’ (Video Art).

*Carla Novi ‘Arriving’ (Sound installation).

*Raluca Popa ‘Pause’.  (Photography)

*David Willis  ‘Big Buy Tobacco’. (Painting).

*Anna Sullivan 'The Fields Beneath' (Painting).

‘10 Gales Prize’ Second Group Show- 15th to  20th March 2011.

Private View- Friday 18th March. 19:00-22:00.

*Selected Artists in alphabetical order:

*Holly Birtles ‘Image 3: Opera Series 1F Lucy'’ (Mixed Media).

*James Brown ‘Ineffable’ (Photography).

*Brian Chan ‘Imaginary Instrument’ (Sculpture).

*Rafael Farias ‘Food for Thought’ (Sculpture).

*Todd Hooper '1.Untitled: Steps (Photography).

*Liron Kroll ‘High Expectations’ (Video)

*Oliver McConnie ‘An Omen’ (Etching).

*Patrick Mifsud ‘Intervention with the columns' (Installation).

*George Little ‘Haute leak’ (Painting)

*Patric Sandri ‘White Car' (Painting).

*Thomas Völker ‘Choke’ (Digital Video).

‘10 Gales Prize’ Third Group Show- 22nd to 27th  March 2011.

Private View: Friday 25 March. 19:00-22:00.

*Selected Artists in alphabetical order:

*Ting-Ting Cheng  ‘German Book’ (Photography).

*Ellie Collins ‘Peepo’ (Sculpture).

*Erene Della porta ‘Princess Green Devoured’ (Painting).

*Anna Filipova ‘Nowhere People’ (Lithography).

*Maria Ignatyeva ‘Maria’ (Sculpture).

*Sharon Liu ‘A bit of every bit’ (animation).

*Bethany Y Milam ‘Teatime Reverie: An Eco Café’  (installation).

*John Angel Rodriguez ‘The Winter Market’ (installation).

*Keke Vila-belda  ‘A40 N.Roundabout 18:00h-06:00h (London)'. (Painting)

*Cherelle Sappleton ‘Where did it all go’ (Photography).

*Minakshi Singh ‘Burnt out’ (Mixed media)

*James Smith ‘'Support 008' (Photography).

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